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This is my mom y’all. She’d likely whip me if she knew that I was putting her on blast, but I’m bored and feel like writing.
I’m blessed to have her and she me. Our birthdays are a day apart and I’m her one and only baby boy. She doesn’t drive anymore. Traffic works her nerves. It works mine too, but I’ll brave it for the woman who made me.
Love your parents, especially in their twilight years. They need you like you needed them when you were young. Show them the same patience and understanding because the world has changed a lot since they were your age.

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I’m About to Be on Internet Radio!

In a ten minutes, I’ll be live via phone on Life Conversations with Tracie. This is my first internet radio interview. I’ll be talking about single fatherhood, a recent and intriguing phenomenon that I will get into on the show. You should tune in. Just go to the website or call in: 424-243-9626. It’s a LIVE SHOW… so go at 7pm SHARP!!! #singledads #singlemoms #fathersrights #fatherhood #internetradio #loupyd

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This is my first published post in about two months. I was last seen in the hospital being treated for an infection that halted my digestion, and after I was released I rested for one day and started back on my grind the day after.


Since then I’ve been on two travel jobs and, on December 20, I received my MFA degree. I celebrated through the holidays with family and friends. I was on the verge of moving from my one-bedroom bachelor pad where I’ve collected memories both good and bad, to a two-bedroom duplex where me and my boys have room to flex. The move has been postponed, due to the fact that the current resident discovered a foul smell coming from the walls of the bathroom. It wasn’t sewage related, but the owner had to knock out all the walls to see what the problem was. Now it will be a month or two before I make that move.

Yesterday was my birthday and I consider it the last day of the holiday season for me. The most interesting thing about turning 48 this year is the mathematics. My older son Brian will be one-fourth my age, and my younger son Evan will be one-sixteenth my age. It was one of those random calculations that came to mind when as I was laying in bed thinking about where I’ve been and where I’m going. My sons are huge reminders of both.

I don’t make resolutions. I usually just claim the whole year as the year of change. Of course I go through changes every year, but for the past few I claimed that THIS WILL BE THE YEAR THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t make that claim this year, maybe because the past few didn’t have that capital letter causing effect on me like I thought they would; change did occur, just not on that level. In the grand scheme though, everything changes everyday.

I’ll just stick with what I’ve been working on with myself, because everything good seems to happen when I practice this, and that is killing my ego. When I’m humbled I’m less stressed. When I think about others before myself I feel alright because I’m in a position to be able to help others. I have those days where I think, why can’t everyone be this way, but it just leads to self-pity and causes sadness in my soul. I’ll continue to stomp on my ego in 2016 and see what a happy soul can produce…hopefully more blog posts! Happy New Year to you all…


Hospitalized – Do

I’m still recovering from what seemed like the worst case of indigestion in the history of my life. Only two other times have I been in an emergency room with stomach cramps, but did I heed those warnings? No. I continued to eat good food to my heart’s content.

Mind you though, when I’m at home, I eat a very balanced diet. I cook most of my meals when I have the time, but too much of a good thing is what I get whenever I’m working. For 10 years, I’ve been working in the film industry in all sorts of capacities, but the one constant has always been on the menu is the food. I ain’t got’ lie… we are well fed on set or on stage or on location. A fed crew is a happy crew, and the better you feed them, the happier they are.

Hence my situation with that turkey burger. The food truck is in no way to blame for my decision. I will go back as soon as I feel better so that I can fully enjoy what my nose and tastebuds perceived to be a delightful experience. (Did I mention that the servers were appealing to the eyes as well? Who would’ve thought that ordering a turkey burger could be such a sensory experience?) No. It wasn’t that which caused the churning in my stomach at midnight. In my past experiences, this feeling was caused by me simply overeating, I thought, and the one bite I allowed myself to chew and swallow was the over in my eating on that day.

Sharp, painful cramp in my lower abdomen. “I gotta shit,” my body told me. “No shit” would have been my witty, internal reply, but the exclamation turned out… to be my current situation! Nothing was working out in the back end, but this pain made me so want it to work out, and work out fast. I had a job to go to in the morning and I needed to go back to sleep.

I tried all my old remedies, starting with the most basic: baking soda and water, peppermint & ginger tea. That gave some relief by emptying my stomach of the one bite and whatever else I ate earlier that hadn’t made it past full digestion, but the lower stomach pain was unyielding. I then went to my Chinese remedy that has cured any stomach I’ve ever encountered, but at 4AM I was still the object of pain’s affliction…

(To be continued.)