I’ve been talking about doing this for the longest time and now here it is. This isn’t my first blog though. I had a brief stint on Blogger for a while and I found out the hard way that I wasn’t ready to put my thoughts out on prime time Internet, when a psychologist tried to repair a rift in an old wound that opened up between me and an ex-girlfriend after she had read one of my posts. I had to shut it down.

Three years later, I am compelled to bring life as I live it to the screen once again. I want to thank Antioch University’s MFA Creative Writing Program for giving me the heart to write once again. Wait…I take that back. Going to Antioch got me back into the habit of writing again. I lost the heart to write ten years ago, after another ex-girlfriend read my journal. She read all the things I wrote about how angry I was about her calling me excessively and somehow always figuring out my email passwords and pager codes. Did she have reason to be snooping? Of course she had her suspicions, but all her fears of me cheating stem back to the woman I started seeing after one of our breakups, and of course there is more to that story than I care to get in to right now, but anyone who keeps a journal knows the feeling of violation when our thoughts are read by the uninvited. I stopped writing altogether. There were some rotten stakes in our dilemma, and I couldn’t risk sharing my soul on the surface of the page, as I’d done most everyday since I started journaling in 1983. Five long years after she’d left the picture, my most trusted companion sat abandoned in the bottom of a box packed after she and I split.

I need to make this relationship right again. I need to write again. I need to get that passion to write reworked into a frenzy, and I need a million ideas to come flying out of the whirlwind of words that I once used, and I want again to become acquainted with the feeling of power that those distinct elements of language induce.

I was blessed enough to have been able to use my word force to contribute to the excellent journalism of hip hop during the Golden Era. I used the pen name Loupy D for a dozen years to sign off on all the interviews, record, book and DVD reviews, and other commentary I wrote for independent and national magazines from 1991 to 2003. Before the Internet took over, we read magazines and newspapers to be informed. The title of my blog – Loupy D in the 21st Century – is purposed to bring my analog insistence into this digital existence and see what it do. Life is interesting again, and I feel like I need to share it with everybody. I invite you to comment, share and just come say hello. There’s a lot more to come. I don’t know what the next day might bring, but I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and keep you coming back…I promise you!

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