Morning habits

Like a lot of people, I have trouble getting out of my bed in the morning and doing the things that stimulate my body and mind. I’ve got the soul part down though; I’ll get up to pray and then get back in bed to meditate on what I should be doing next. My bed is a notorious motivational killer.

Exercise is great in the morning. It gets the blood flowing, and your heart gets a nice jump start for the day. It’s similar to warming up the car after it’s been resting all night. All the juices get to flow to the vital parts, and when they’re all happy, VROOM! The same applies to writing. I can’t tell you how many writing warm-up exercises I’ve learned over the past couple of years, and I learned that they are certainly useful. They definitely get the brain juices gushing, and a certain sense of satisfaction takes over as I see what started out as pointless scribbling become the basis for something deeper to develop over time, or the output of a bunch of junk that was cluttering the creative compartments of my cranium.

My problem is sticking to a routine. I do freelance work, and every week holds a new series of tasks and destinations for me to schedule around my life. Add to this the distraction of social media apps, readily available to prolong bed time by allowing me to scroll, swipe and tag things that appeal to my senses of righteousness, humor and attraction, and there created is a formula for complacency.

There is no excuse for merely thinking about getting out of the bed. I need to round out the nourishment that my body and spirit needs to exist optimally. Every opportunity missed is an opportunity to build upon what could be a healthy, lifelong habit. My mentors and doctor can’t be wrong. Well I guess they could be, but after all, I have put faith in these people to tell me what’s good for me because I chose them to do just that. All I have to do now is follow their advice. Simple, right? Yes, but I am one who needs to be pushed. I had a trainer, but now I can’t afford one. I used to write in my journal everyday, but some days it just seems pointless to write.

This blog has a purpose. I meditate about this blog when I’m lying on my ultra premium pillow top mattress. I struggle with topics and what I want to share, but today meditation turned into action. I pushed myself, and it feels great. This is one less thing that I need to stop beating myself in the head for not doing. The next thing is finding that push to get on the bike or taking a hike around the neighborhood, but as for now my cranium needs to enjoy some of the oxygen that’s coming in after this long exercise. Peace to you all, and get out of bed!

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