This is my first published post in about two months. I was last seen in the hospital being treated for an infection that halted my digestion, and after I was released I rested for one day and started back on my grind the day after. Since then I’ve been on two travel jobs and, on…… Continue reading Mended


Hospitalized – Do

I’m still recovering from what seemed like the worst case of indigestion in the history of my life. Only two other times have I been in an emergency room with stomach cramps, but did I heed those warnings? No. I continued to eat good food to my heart’s content. Mind you though, when I’m at…… Continue reading Hospitalized – Do

Life as an Artist

Most of my posts have been fairly long, but this one will be short. I will let this picture speak for me this evening because it speaks a thousand words. Thanks to everyone who has supported my blog. Your clicks and shares mean a lot to me. And thank you to those who have reached…… Continue reading Life as an Artist

Transmission Complete

It’s a big day for me. My online class is up for the offering. It starts October 25th. I’m in the middle of preparing the syllabus and I think that it will be an interesting course for anyone who writes creative nonfiction. It will be nice to teach again; it’s been over ten years since…… Continue reading Transmission Complete