It’s A Blog’s Life

Whoa… where have I been? Living life and not stopping to take notes, that’s where. My time has been preoccupied with managing this writer’s life. I believe that the mind can take you wherever you want to be, and right now my mind is tripping. I didn’t think that I’d get back to a place…… Continue reading It’s A Blog’s Life


7 Steps to Help Develop Intuition

Before I share with you the seven steps I would like to offer some exciting news: In case you didn’t know I have been writing a book, these past five months, about my many findings on my journey as… Source: 7 Steps to Help Develop Intuition

Blog on the run

This is my mom y’all. She’d likely whip me if she knew that I was putting her on blast, but I’m bored and feel like writing. I’m blessed to have her and she me. Our birthdays are a day apart and I’m her one and only baby boy. She doesn’t drive anymore. Traffic works her…… Continue reading Blog on the run


This is my first published post in about two months. I was last seen in the hospital being treated for an infection that halted my digestion, and after I was released I rested for one day and started back on my grind the day after. Since then I’ve been on two travel jobs and, on…… Continue reading Mended