Perfection Is Overrated

Five months ago today, I celebrated my birthday with my youngest son in Big Bear, where he saw snowfall for the first time. I knew the next day I would begin thirty-two days of radiation treatments to kill cancer cells left behind after my surgery last year. Fatigue and weakness, side effects of radiation therapy,…… Continue reading Perfection Is Overrated

How I’m Dealing With Prostate Cancer: A WriterPoet’s Journey

State of Mind One thing I’m not going to do is dive deep on the seriousness of the situation. The word “cancer” alone conjures darkness. The love and concern of friends and family remind me of the depth, but my journey has been one of mindful awareness of and respect for the brevity of life.…… Continue reading How I’m Dealing With Prostate Cancer: A WriterPoet’s Journey

My Exposition

My life has been a patchwork of projects. For all my work life minus the two years of corporate I did at the turn of the century, I’ve been hustling. Always trying to find a way to make the skills pay the bills. As far as paid gigs, I’ve been an actor, teacher, writer, stage…… Continue reading My Exposition

The Saga Continues…

Twenty years ago, I was working for a magazine called Kronick, The Underground Chronicle. Everyone in L.A. – if they had any connection to the underground hip hop scene – knew about the Kronick. It got it’s name from the official soundtrack of the West Coast dropped by Dr. Dre in ’92, but the Kronick…… Continue reading The Saga Continues…

Hospitalized: Redo

The next song on my playlist was Deja Vu by Teena Marie. The words to that song took on a whole new meaning for me, and I cried my eyes out as I listened to it over and over again, until I decided that it was time for me to do something new…