How I Got The Name “Loupy”

I’m great with my Loupy way of life.

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Friends & Situations

Hey. I’ve been absent for a while. April was a month of fluctuations and adjustments. I had to get used to someone sleeping on my couch for one. I had a couple of house guests last month at different times. The first was my pregnant friend from Joshua Tree who stayed with me while the […]

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It’s A Blog’s Life

Whoa… where have I been? Living life and not stopping to take notes, that’s where. My time has been preoccupied with managing this writer’s life. I believe that the mind can take you wherever you want to be, and right now my mind is tripping. I didn’t think that I’d get back to a place […]

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Blog on the run

This is my mom y’all. She’d likely whip me if she knew that I was putting her on blast, but I’m bored and feel like writing. I’m blessed to have her and she me. Our birthdays are a day apart and I’m her one and only baby boy. She doesn’t drive anymore. Traffic works her […]

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